10 Tips for Keeping Your Rabbit Warm During The Winter!

10 Tips for Keeping Your Rabbit Warm During The Winter!

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Thanks for watching! Today I showed you 10 Tips for keeping your rabbit warm in the winter! I hope you found this helpful and enjoyed!
More Information on Keeping your rabbit warm:
SnuggleSafe: http://www.snugglesafe.co.uk/heatpad.htm
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Rabbit Name: Paisley
Breed: Holland Lop
Age: 1 year (born April 7, 2014)
Camera: Canon Powershot SX520 HS
Editor: CyberLink Powerdirector 13
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  1. I want to get a bunny. But because of my mum's allergies it would have to be an outdoor bunny. My main worry about this is that I'm worried he or she might get lonely. How can I prevent that? Also keeping him or her warm because I live in Maine. Pease any advice if so needed!

  2. you do realize that rabbits have fur coats right? As long as the rabbit is kept out of the wind they will be just fine. They do really really well in the cold outside.

  3. Acctually, warm and cold water freeze just as fast 🙂 Other than that, great video! You got a new subscriber here ;)

  4. Here are some of my tips for keeping your rabbit warm during the winter! I hope you found some of these helpful! What are some of your tips for keeping your rabbit warm?Btw: leave a question because my next video is a Q&A!

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