11 Luggage Buying Tips | How To Buy Quality Travel Bags | Man’s Guide To Luggage Purchasing

11 Luggage Buying Tips | How To Buy Quality Travel Bags | Man's Guide To Luggage Purchasing

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  1. my BAD #3 bag is 120 $ is bomb proof carryon bag best carry on packpack.
    leather bags are bad in rain and snow very hard maintanance for travel .

  2. Do you find that these J. W. Hulme bags withstand the abuse of the baggage handlers aboard commercial airlines? I am getting so frustrated with having my bags destroyed. Last week yet another thousand dollar bag was destroyed and had the bottom seam completely ripped open. It was only the second flight it had ever been on. Over the years I have had so many bags destroyed. I'm getting to the point of just going and buying a $50.00 bag before every trip and just throwing it away when I get back.

  3. Yeah this bag looks downright amazing. It's honestly a little bit outside my price range tho! What do you think of Floto's collection? Ever used/had one?

  4. Hi, I'm a big fan. Do you have any tips for a business professional who brings in his own lunch to the office and wants a more stylish way of carrying it to the office instead of a grocery bag or lunch box? Many of the lunch totes range from "blah" to "meh" in quality and appearance. I do carry a nice burnished brown briefcase with shoulder strap and cannot fit my containers neatly. Neither would I want the chance of something spilling in my briefcase. Any help would be great! Thanks

  5. Good explanations.. Bravo. But wants to ask that… How is it necessary to match the colour of your lather bag to the colour of shoes or belt..? Good job.

  6. -"Leather luggage porn". Hehe… That was funny! ;D Love your videos, very usefull as always. Thank you! :)

  7. JW hulme are a good company but i prefer saddleback leather bags (albeit they are a bit heavy), especially their duffle bags.

  8. If your luggage is expensive (e.g. Leather or metal), wouldn't it increase the chances of it getting stolen? Because that seems to be a common argument for not investing a lot of money on your luggage especially when it comes to travelling to nice-but-not-as-secure places for holiday (eg: Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.) 

    P.S:@2:32 Careful not to flip off your brit viewers; they apparently won't like the inverted V sign

  9. I like Piquadro (italian) bags. They are great, very good quality and they give 3 years of warranty. Mine was purchased in 2007 and its still looks good and whenever I used it I feel good I strongly recommend Piquadro bags.

  10. If you were going to recommend one piece of luggage (duffle, suitcase, etc) for primary use, what would you suggest? At this point I am just using my stepfather's duffle from basic training and I would like to step up the class a notch.

  11. To be honest the company you are promoting is to expensive for the majority of your viewers. When traveling with photo gear I do not use metal cases. I use Pelican hard shell cases with rolling wheels. Very reasonably priced with protective foam inside the case. These cases are not to heavy when empty and they are moisture proof.

  12. Thanks for the tips and review. Your points were excellent. J.W. Hulme go above my budget based on my travel. A $1000+ duffel bag is pure luxury (many of us genuinely might be fond of vintage-looking leather). It is very interesting that you mentioned Kickstarter, I was reading about 'Bluesmart' – which is a Smart Carry-On bag. The startup just banked $1M+ on Indiegogo – http://igg.me/at/bluesmart/x Would like to hear your thoughts on investments which are more inclined towards technology. For me its a dilemma just like, shall I choose a classic Aston Martin or a futuristic Tesla Model S?

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