11 Travel Tips For Men – Man’s Guide To Traveling With Style & Being Prepared Upon Arrival

11 Travel Tips For Men - Man's Guide To Traveling With Style & Being Prepared Upon Arrival

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  1. Great tips and ideas. Dressing appropriately is absolutely a key part of visual acceptance. It is a fact that you will be treated and greeted better when you dress appropriately. While nobody readily admits it, you are judged first by your appearance and it often weighs heavily.

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  4. Holy cow, rolling the jacket is a great idea!  One way to help yourself pack light is to consider whether you will use each item enough to justify toting it.  That it might come in handy isn't good enough.  Sure, an umbrella might come in handy but I'd rather leave mine at home and buy one on my trip if I need it.

  5. This is an older video – hopefully you'll pick this comment up and respond. What do you recommend for carrying your stuff (water bottle, camera, snack, guidebook or notes – or maybe less) when sightseeing, especially in faraway lands? Something that is light (to fit in the weekender duffle bag used to get there). 

  6. If you ever find yourself in pitsburgh int airport some pretty awesome designer stores (armani jeans boss Hugo boss Lacoste)

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