17 Air Travel Tips

17 Air Travel Tips

In which Hank imparts some wisdom that he has gained through the last four years of getting on planes once every four months. An act that, to be clear, makes my carbon footprint so dramatically higher than average that I am deeply embarrassed by my own life.

5 Travel Tips For International Flights & What's In My Travel Bag  -  Packing Tips -  MissLizHeart

Hey guys! Today I’m sharing 5 travel tips ( or travel hacks) for international travels and also a couple of packing tips. I thought I would also show you my updated What’s in my carry on bag. I hope you find these tips helpful for the next time you travel :D. Please don’t forget to give this video a THUMBS UP if you enjoyed it!

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  1. Excellent tips here, especially the tip about tolerance for the mood of other passengers. One further tip – make sure you get up and walk around or just stretch yourself out at least every hour. This will make the "cramped in a airplane seat" feeling reduce and so improve how you are physically feeling and therefore your mood – obviously it's not healthy to sit in a seat and not move for several hours.

  2. This year my parents moved away from the boarding school I attend, so I flew home a lot. I promised myself in September that whenever I encountered a downward slope in an airport hallway I would run down it with reckless abandon. Many startled passerby later, I keep the streak. It makes traveling a little less stressful, and never fails to make me smile

  3. Bit of background about the no electronics during take off and landing from an aviation nerd; ideally, the inflight crew (pilots and flight attendants) want you to be paying attention during that time as those are the most critical parts of the flight, and if they need to get you out of that plane in 45 seconds, they will be shouting commands (not in the PA system) at you which are completely useless if you are absorbed in a movie with headphones in. Also, yes, the pilots can miss a landing spot as they descend if enough people forgot to turn their electronic devices into airplane mode and all of a sudden at ten thousand feet, they all connect. This causes a lot of noise in between the pilots and air traffic control and important messages can and have been lost due to this. If your airline of choice says that you can use your electronic devices gate to gate (meaning during all parts of flight including take off and landing) that means that they have gone through extensive testing and certifications with international and federal aviation regulators to get that permission. This took my airline of choice four years to get. But, if they don't have permission yet, please don't argue about it. There are airline rules, and then there are federal aviation rules (Department of Transportation and Transport Canada to name a few) and then there is the International Air Transportation Association Regulations. If it a rule that the airline has, more than likely it is due to one or more of the higher up regulatory bodies enforcing them to have said rule.

  4. Love this video – putting liquids in a separate bag was a great tip for me! Love love love the bag! You are a doll and as a woman of a particular age nearly 60, I really love your videos and tips! Blessings!

  5. I have a question.. It may be dumb, but I see some people taking things to freshen up on the plane in their bags that are liquids.. Are you only allowed to have 1 bag of liquids if you're only bringing a carry-on and personal item bag? Like can you only bring liquids in your personal bag if you have a checked bag?

  6. thanks for the tips, I've been watching a ton of traveling videos and i feel yours was the most helpful, any idea where i can get the tourism visa for the Dominican Republic, I'm going in May

  7. Thank you for this vid! When you are at your destination/international, what bag do you like to use for everyday?

  8. just wanted to throw it out there… dryer sheets are better option in my opinion to keep dirty laundry from smelling bad.

  9. Dios mio hay todo un tesoro dentro de ese estupendo bolso ! me encanta el bolso ,los neceseres y todo lo que llevas , todo es precioso ! .Me da mucha rabia no entender ingles aun asi no voy a dejar de verte ya que todos tus videos son fantasticos !

  10. I went to the DR a few years ago with just my American passport and had no issues. Maybe they changed things up as it's become a popular tourist spot. Thanks for the tips.

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