3 Ways to Use Cole Home IQ to Find New Customers

3 Ways to Use Cole Home IQ to Find New Customers

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Now that you have the Cole Home IQ mobile app installed on your phone, here are three simple ways to use it to find new customers.
Make sure that you’re safely pulled to the side of the road before pulling out your phone and using the technology.
Open your phone’s web browser and go to www.colehomeiq.com. Enter in your username, password and agree to the user agreement before clicking the red sign in button.
• Let’s say you’ve just met with a current customer at their home and you want to market to the surrounding neighbors, Cole Home IQ allows you to do that.
Simply refresh your location, next hit home details and the mobile app uses GPS technology to determine your location and the closest households to your current location. Select the home closest to your location and then hit the find neighbors button to get the contact information of those households.
• Another way to use Cole Home IQ to find new customers is to immediately contact prospects in need of your service. Say you’re driving by a house that needs your service, simply log in to Cole Home IQ, hit home details and get a list of options of the homes closest to you. Select the home in need of your service along and an option to call them.
• A third way to use Cole Home IQ is to expand your company’s presence within a neighborhood. Let’s say you’re in a neighborhood where you have no current customers or brand identity. You can change that by using the mobile app to build a prospect list. You can find details up to a half mile radius from your current location. Plus, Cole Home iQ allows you to snap pictures or write notes on a particular property and even save that information your PC for later follow-up back at the office.

Cole Home IQ is intelligent mobile prospecting. And it’s jut 49.95/month with no contract. Are you ready to get started? Call 800-800-3271 today.

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