4 Tips On Wearing Gray With Style | Grey In Interchangeable Wardrobe | Matching Gray Clothes

4 Tips On Wearing Gray With Style | Grey In Interchangeable Wardrobe | Matching Gray Clothes

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Video Summary
0:59 – “Gray Wardrobe Item #1 – Gray Flannel Trousers”
4:07 – “Gray Wardrobe Item #2 – Gray Jacket”
6:13 – “Gray Wardrobe Item #3 – Gray Shirt”
7:20 – “Gray Wardrobe Item #4 – Gray Shoes”


  1. Antonio, love your vids 🙂
    But please, tell us or maybe give a specialized video about what to wear on a date! The appropriate clothing for where you're at, a night on the town pic-nic, coffee, lunch dare, or if she's coming to my place… You get what I mean. Thank you!

  2. im scared to throw a little bit of color here and there. for example that pinkish handkerchief in a top pocket of gray jacket.

  3. One lightly coloured woolen grey sweater for the days I go out in my leather jacket, and one woolen grey blazer to use with a dark (almost bordeaux) red shirt or a bright purple shirt.

  4. Hey Antonio!

    Great video as always! Just curious, what kind of pants and colour of those pants, would you go with, if wearing a grey blazer? I am leaning more towards the "streetstyle fashion" and less gentlemanny and old-school fashionable (take that as a compliment) as yourself. So I was thinking, grey blazer, white t-shirt, white sneakers and then pants that can be combined with this outfit above. What are your thoughts?


  5. I have a versatile grey pant. Match it with light blue shirt, black shirt, navy shirt, etc etc. Most versatile colour ever after black.

  6. Apparently, the style lessons are sticking. My first thought at 1:02 was "too much fabric in the trouser legs." This was followed by the thought "I've got some pants to hem."

  7. I have grey chinos, blazer, suit and suede shoes. The shoes are mostly fridays, or date nights (no wet days) and the chinos i can use almost interchangeably. The suit is for when I need to show some age, and the blazer is paired with navy.

  8. Great video, but the flannel trousers are too long for your legs, aren't they?
    The guy with the white chino, blue shirt and grey sports jacket looks REALLY great.

  9. The only gray item I have is a chino pant that I wear with some brown monk straps. I think I need more gray in my wardrobe now that I think about it…

  10. I have a nice handmade Italian grey leather belt that I wear on every pants I have , and my favorite shirt has a grey and dark paisley desing

  11. light grey trousers in the spring time with a nice brown belt and a white shirt, brown shoes. looks great!
    Grey goes with everything, especially for people with blonde/red hair and pale skin, its much better than black.
    I wear grey slacks with navy, wine red cardigans, classic look!

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