7 Ways To Be A Better Negotiator | Negotiation | How To Negotiate | Negotiating Skills Tips Tricks

7 Ways To Be A Better Negotiator | Negotiation | How To Negotiate | Negotiating Skills Tips Tricks

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  1. I think you have done a great job, I loved the examples. I see no reason why you shouldn't promote yourself. Isn't that what a win/win situation is about. Rubina Jamal

  2. I like your other videos Antonio but your wrong in this one. If you've ever watched Pawn Stars you'll know how to negotiate. Never make the first offer! – it's better to ask them what they think it's worth first, and that's your starting point. And secondly, NEVER accept the first offer! – make a counteroffer and hear them out. And most importantly be kind and polite and keep the mood friendly.

  3. appraciate your sharing. I am preparing for next week's business negotiation roleplay, and this video help me a lot. thanks~

  4. I would love to have a conversation with you about Real estate negotiation.

    As a realtor, the skill of negotiation and being able to fundamentally sell makes the difference between good agents and great agents.

    Is there a number or email I can reach you at?

  5. wow Antonio you answering comments from old videos i like that you helped me alot with my styles can you answer me one question what is your height?

  6. dude you need to actually write a script. just having bullet points doesn't cut it. (the way you do this without a prompter is by only saying a few sentences at a time and doing jump cuts..) you sound really unprofessional as a youtuber and it makes the whole thing hard to follow. You do make great points, though, and you're a decent businessman from what I can tell

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