8 Things Street Photographers Encounter

8 Things Street Photographers Encounter

In this video, Kai shows you 8 things that a street photographer when out on the streets for a shoot plus how to deal with them, with encounters that include a fear of doing street photography, being torn a new orifice and not getting the shot quick enough.

“Pop Tarts “Gone Nutty” Chocolate and Peanut Butter” by Flickr user Mike Mozart (CC BY 2.0)

“Bieber Bus” by Flickr user Glenn Beltz (CC BY 2.0)

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  1. Feel uncomfortable doing street photography? Start at a fair, festival, car show or sporting event. Everybody is used to seeing people with cameras, and will pay no attention to you.

  2. I live in Los Angles and honestly I am scared of taking street photos, because I just imagine someone throwing my camera.
    How can I deal with this?

  3. Back in the late 90's I worked for a well known camera dealers here in the UK.We used to have a guy come in to drop 5 or 6 rolls of film in to be processed at least twice a week.Oddly,all his shots were candid pictures of girls chests taken around town and nothing else.Strange but true.

  4. I would love to try more street photography eventually, but I find it ironic for my area, which is considered an art colony, and has tons of photographers around, people are so…. weird about having pictures taken of them, or near them. I personally prefer to take more pictures of random objects, or of the scenery, but it is getting scary to even do that here anymore(like if someone spots you with a camera near their property, they will automatically assume you are scouting their property for a future robbery).

    So might just stick with the scenery shots until I am a bit more confident.

  5. I started photopraphing round one year ago. I use Leica IIIc with diverse LTM-lenses. See a compilation of my favourite shots on my Channel. Im still learnig, and open for critics, suggestions or tips. For visting, watching any feedback – many thanks in advance.

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