Acer laptop not starting black screen repair

Acer laptop not starting black screen repair
In this video this acer laptop does not power on correctly. Troubleshooting revealed a bad motherboard battery. I show you how to disassemble this model and replace the battery. Visit my site for extra info.


  1. very good , i think you may have just solved my problem. thanks, i have a acer5542g laptop which is not firing up.´╗┐

  2. i just took apart a acer e1-510 with the same problem. I don't see a battery. Am I missing something?´╗┐

  3. Thank u sir, great videos…Sir min is Acer Aspire E 14. I got this issue when i turn on my laptop, it doesn't show any thing, then i press the button to turn off and then again i turn on, still couldn't work then repeat the same like almost 3 to 4 times then finally display comes back. So what's u say? can u plz tell me if there's any solution? …Thanks´╗┐

  4. i push the power button and like about 4 second turn off is this video will help to fix my problem or it to fix the other problem´╗┐

  5. Hi, I have an acer aspire 5551 which I am having problems starting which happened a couple of months back now. I was using it on the evening then closed the screen as I have always done, came to use it the next day and it wouldn't start and was like it for a couple of months so I decided to get it repaired, but I tried it the day I was taking it and it wouldn't switch on, got to the repair shop and it came on straight away!!?? couldn't believe it so he had a quick look, told me there we're viruses on it, so left it with him, he worked on it, removed the viruses and said alls fine. I got home pressed the power button and again wouldn't start, so took it back but he didn't know what it was and said no point spending more money on it…… when you press the power button it lights up and you hear the fan start for no more than 2 secs and it stops. have tried all the steps you have mentioned except the last as have no screen I can test it with, though I feel that wouldn't help as the the fan cuts out after 2 seconds. do you have any more Ideas as to what it could be. I have taken it to pieces to double check all the connections are in place and haven't come loose but still no luck. would really appreciate your help!

    Kind Regards


  6. Hi! I have an Acer Aspire 9300 and when I turn it on the screen remains black.
    Sometimes it will boot up Acer logo>Windows>Commands than when i choose a command the screen goes blank but bright,not black.
    Earlier it beeped 3 times when I turned the laptop on ,but black screen.
    I fixed that only temporary.
    Can you help me?´╗┐

  7. Hi.
    I have same problem.
    When a start up appears a white glow for a second and then when i press fn+f5 (turn on/turn off backlight) it gives a white glow for a second.
    I replaced lcd, inverter and the battery as you do.
    If a connect the pc to an external monitor it works just fine. Can you help me?´╗┐

  8. hey man. My problem is that my laptop turns on but no display. You could see a bit of light in the screen but no pictures or anything. Please, can you help me with this?—–and what small battery do i need? where can i fnd the battery?´╗┐

  9. I have the same issue – black screen, nothing happens. If the light for the HDD doesn't flash, can I be sure, that the problem is the HDD?
    If not – any recommendations how to troubleshoot?´╗┐

  10. Please please answer. I have an Acer Extensa 5620 . My base had a lot of external damage ( power jack cable, head port cable broken, dents etc). I dissembled the display and took out the HD, 2 Rams and Lan slot. I put everything into a new base I purchased off line and attached the display. Now the laptop powers up, the green light flashes on, but the screen stays black and the laptop shuts down after 10-15 seconds. What did I do wrong? I reset the Ram but nothing changed. First time doing this…..please answer´╗┐

  11. Hi everyone!! I have a Acer AXC600 and when i press the power button i see acer correctly and thenn the screen turns black .. Cant press nothing i dont understand pleasee help me!!´╗┐

  12. I'm extremely surprised that the CMOS battery was the cause of the laptop not starting up. The CMOS battery is used to provide the CMOS RAM with power after the laptop has been powered off so the BIOS can remember the startup configuration. If the battery was dead, the settings would just reset to factory default each time. Are you sure that was the main cause of this fault? Maybe a RAM module wasn't inserted properly, and when you put the laptop back together, that rectified the fault that way?´╗┐

  13. I really need help on my laptop, i try powering it on but the welcome screen comes and goes off all the time. Please help me´╗┐

  14. Hi,while watching a movie my acer 5680 had crashed then it displays white screen with red/blue vertical lines.when i used an pc lcd monitor, it works but there's a green vertical lines covering the screen. I decided to upgrade from vista to win7 but after it was been replaced, still using the pc monitor, it will no longer only displays a black screen with blinking cursor line at the upper leftmost corner. could you help me figure out ┬áwhat really the problem is?since using other monitor, the display is not good before.Thanks!´╗┐

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