Affiliate Marketing For Dummies [IN PLAIN ENGLISH!]

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies [IN PLAIN ENGLISH!]

I’ve been in the affiliate marketing game for a while and I constantly get questions from total beginners that want to know things like ‘what is affiliate marketing’, ‘how does affiliate marketing work?’ and of course ‘how can I make money with affiliate marketing?.

Well in this short ‘Affiliate Marketing for Dummies’ guide that I’ve put together I’ll show newbies and total beginners exactly how they can get started and how I make money through affiliate marketing.

This video is part of a newbie crash course that I’ve put together which can be found here:


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  2. Thanks, Jay. You make me proud to be a lazy-ass-stoner veteran of over 30 years! You deserve the right to the title. Of course we're not always lazy or always stoned, but we need NEVER explain ourselves to ANYONE! I'd be honored to take direction from you. Fight the Power!!

  3. What if the go to your web site and click on your link but the close out and go to directly to amazon and buy the same product later ? do you still get paid ?

  4. If you already have a website it's easy to find affiliate products which might relate to your business. Simply search for 'your business affiliate products' on Google..

  5. Enjoyed that, I have been affiliate marking for years and have found that if I affiliate for certain niches I get a great response, so I stick to the one's that are not with mlm's. One of my most successful one's at the moment is a signal company (trading signals) and megga money from just one company. keep up the good work.

  6. I almost didn't take you seriously because of the cannabis everywhere… But these were great advise my friend. I will subscribe.

  7. I need some help here!

    When Making my Amazon Affiliate account it requests the websites I plan to market on. My confusion with this is that I am just barely getting into affiliate marketing and as such do not have a single website to market my selected Niches, so am I supposed to create the website with and then host it through hostgator, then set it up to be prepared for sales? I will not have any links to sales until I am accepted to the amazon affiliate program, yet I need the website first to be accepted… It feels like a catch twenty-two, am I missing something?

    Thank in advance for the responses. Cheers to your hard work.

  8. I really don't understand that google keyword tool. I've just looked and it's asking me about my ad and my website and what i want to advertise and its so not what i want!
    I just read that google's keyword tool has been shut down and none of the alternatives seem to actually work so thats that then :(

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