Airport & Airplane TRAVEL HACKS

Airport & Airplane TRAVEL HACKS

My best TRICKS, TIPS and HACKS on how to make your airport and airplane travel better!
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  1. just found your channel! loved this video. Was wondering if you had any top suggestions for places to backpack to perspective backpackers

  2. another tip..may not be applicable to all, but if you have family members with say for example, learning difficulties…- (so you wouldn't generally think of asking for assistance at the airport)-… and the family member decides to throw a tantrum or won't budge to the boarding gate LET THE AIRPORT STAFF KNOW! THEY WILL HELP! on two occasions they have been fantastic with my sister (got us through priority booking) -sometimes a friendly face helps to speed things up…thus u don't have to panic thinking u'll miss boarding or something…

  3. Hey you should do that video you talked about during the lounge access bit! About like frequent flier miles and perks. I'm starting a job where I will be traveling twice a week for business…so it'd be super helpful 🙂 I liked your video by the way, super informative!

  4. I love how your personality comes through in this video! Also, really helpful and practical tips!! New subbie! Love from India <3

  5. These were some great tips, and I work as a Gate agent for a major airline at the airport. Believe me, we see a LOT of crazy stuff through-out our day, so I'll share a few of my "hacks". 1. Repeating what she said, but being nice to the airport agents during a delay/cancellation will make a world of difference. During these irregular operations we prepare for yelling & lots of angry people. So imagine our surprise when a friendly face walks up & says "I know you guys hate it when the flights delay. It's not your fault the weather is bad/mechanial occured…etc." We LOVE this! And…we have a LOT of power regarding what we can & can not do. Now, with this being said, the majority of us are on your side, so we want to help you in every way we can. BUT, this does not mean we can/will bump you to first class, give you several hundereds of dollers in vouchers, etc because you shed some tears. We have limits, but we can do quite a bit, so instead of demanding first class or vouchers, be kind & patient & usually the agent will offer them. Also, when a delay/cancellation occurs, use the airline app to LOOK at alternate options, The app can rebook you, but it can't give you any compensation like an agent can, and sometimes, doesn't come up with the best/quickest option for you. Most gate agents will allow passengers to line up during a delay. If you have a good gate agent, they will likely make an announcement for you to stay seated & allow him/her to work through the connections. This givses the agent the ability to book a passenger that is going to (insert city) on a flight that is leaving shortly, where they would have most likely missed that opportunity if they were waiting in a long line. Also, have a few alternate airports for the agent to look at. This can come in handy if it is a small city with a limited number of flights per day. We will often give ground transportation to your destination depending on the number of milage.2. I usually recommend getting to the airport 2+ hours prior to your flight time. You can never predict traffic/long lines at TSA, problems with check-in, etc. The more time you allow yourself, the less stressed you will be. Also, getting to the airport sometimes gives you an opportunity to get on an earlier flight. I work in a small airport & often try to move folks who are there to get them to their connecting city a little earlier just in case something goes wrong. Even on good weather days,  we can never predict a mechanical cancellation or oversell, so we like to help us by helping you on to the earlier flight (usually free of charge!).3. If you are a frequent traveler, get to know the agents that work for the airline you travel on most. I see some people every week when they are flying out. They stop by & chat (if I'm not too busy) and most I know by name. This can help on days during irregular opperations, I have called/emailed some of my frequent travellers to advise them of a delay & rebooking options even before they've gotten to the airport. Hope some of these help!

  6. My brother had issues once with late arrivals leading to no time to get from terminal to terminal to board. He told one of the people working at the airport and they drove him and his son in a little golf cart type thing to get them there on time!

  7. Thank youuuuu for those not so YouTubey hacks that I've seen a million times.These are tips that actually help and aren't concerned just about how stylish you can look when you're travelling.Also I've been late once for a flight and I asked the people in line before me to let me through and they all kindly did.People are generally kind and helpful if you ask politely.

  8. tips I have heard is when you are going through security; you should do this
    1. go to the left one – since most people are right handed we go to the right side
    2. avoid queues with babies – their parent(s) most likely will be bringing formula and it will have to be checked.
    3. queue where it seems to be more business people i.e wearing suits – they are more used to going through security and the line may move faster

  9. omg I love you girls. I'm now stalking your page, as I am traveling to Thailand solo , first solo travel ever. thanks ladies for the advice!

  10. Another tip- write where you're going on the notepad in your hotel room etc so cleaners/staff can be informed if anything was to happen! Happy Travelling Ladies!

  11. It's funny that being a female in the middle east can sometimes be easier, mainly in the richer areas. for example in dubai there are special areas in the subway for females so they feel safer.

  12. Here's what we should do- you three have a retreat in Bora Bora or something where we can all come and be friends. Yes?

  13. The engaging ring idea is wrong! If a man can't respect that I as a woman am not married and don't need the companion of a man, he will certainly learn when I'm done with him!!

  14. Sexual protection options girls? If you really like certain name brand condoms, such as non latex, etc, bring them with you. Other countries sometimes only have cheap low quality ones available. And birth control is usually available over the counter in many countries.

  15. Really, watch the alcohol! If 3 beers gets you a little buzzed, only have 2. When you travel alone or even with 1 other female friend, you have to been in control and appear to be in control. Sleazy dudes wait for girls to get drunk and then start hitting on you. So, this can be greatly avoided by being more moderate in your boozing.

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