Army Packing Hack: How to Fold Your Socks in Pairs (Double Roll) – Ranger Roll Basic Training

Army Packing Hack: How to Fold Your Socks in Pairs (Double Roll) - Ranger Roll Basic Training

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Here is how you can easily and neatly fold your socks, two at a time. This is a modification of a single-sock roll that takes less space. Also, it will be easier to find matching socks, too. Very useful if you’re just organizing your drawers, or if you’re packing for a trip.

More tutorials for Ranger-rolling your clothes are available on my channel. I will add separate videos for Ranger-rolling socks in pairs and for long socks like the green boot socks. Stay tuned and please support this channel.

Check out my other videos for more tutorials and other stuff. If you want more Ranger-rolling tutorials, comment and subscribe, and I will upload them when I have the time. Most clothing can be Ranger-rolled, so if you want to see it, speak up! 🙂 And I’ll see what I can do.



T-Shirt Ranger Roll:

Underwear Ranger Roll:

Underpants Ranger Roll:

Patrol Cap Ranger Roll:

Green Boot Sock Ranger Roll:

Single Sock Ranger Roll:


  1. Very neat but it stretches the top part of the sock, making the elastic wear to fast: result a droopy sock.

  2. I have rolled this way since I was in the Army with one modification at the end. If you make a fold of both socks (all layers of whatever you are rolling), then just roll your roll into the top layer of your fold you will yield an even quicker and neater result. I can roll any garment but prefer to use this only on socks, pantyhose, underwear and leggings on a daily basis. Note per difficulty: My mentally disabled child has this mastered. Just start by folding most items in thirds. For shirts, even t shirts, I roll from the neck to the bottom for more neatness and an unstretched neck.

  3. To those struggling with these ranger rolls. I first saw this video this morning…I now done all my blankets, sheets, socks and underwear …And I got one hand!
    It not this guys instructions that are wrong

  4. what to you do with them when their dirty and your away? do you usually roll clothes the same way when you put the dirty ones back in your pack?

  5. Thank you! I accomplished my first 2016 goal to tidy up my socks! I like how neat they look now! Thanks, great advice:)

  6. Thanks for sharing the methods of ranger roll !!! Please share how to roll a full hand normal shirt (Not t – shirt)

  7. okay okay I am definitely not doing something right because at the end my SOCKS and other clothing are not looking like your masterpieces sir

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