Back to Basics: How to cook rice on the stove (with my mom)

Back to Basics: How to cook rice on the stove (with my mom)

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Please note this is how my mom does it and we use MEDIUM GRAIN rice. Medium grain is a little different than longer grain (which doesn’t tend to stick). I was specifically asked to show how to make “sticky rice”, which is what Hawaii tends to have if you have ever had a plate lunch here. These cooking “rules” may not apply to other types of rice!
1 cup of rice
1 cup of water
Put it on HIGH heat on the stove until it comes to a full boil (approx 2 min)
Let it boil for 1 minute and then turn it down to MEDIUM heat.
Let it cook until almost all the water is gone (approx 2-3 min).
Turn to MEDIUM LOW (just one notch above the LOW setting).
COVER and let it cook for 20 minutes.
TURN OFF. Remove from heat and let it steam for 20 minutes with the cover on.
Also, we do not put butter or milk or whatever on our rice. We eat it just like this.
Side note: Mom is going in for her hip replacement in 10 days. She will be laid up for six weeks. Two things could happen here. You may be seeing a boom in recipes I will be recording; or I may disappear altogether. A lot of depends on how much time she is going to be demanding of me, as I will have to take her for physical therapy 2-3x/week for six weeks. The first two weeks, the physical therapist will come to the house (thank goodness)! Hopefully you’ll get some more opinions on the dishes along with progress reports on mom as well.

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