Beginner Salsa Dance Turns and Spins

Beginner Salsa Dance Turns and Spins

Julie will describe three ways to improve your salsa dance spins. She will describe the proper posture and the dance spin prep, and finally spotting. ( ) She will answer a common questions on spinning like where momentum comes from and tapping.


  1. intro dancing is not according to rhythm? Probably they place another music cover to existing video. Not sure though.

  2. One question Julie. When you spin who 'makes' you spin? is it just you the one who creates the force to spin? or is it the guy that gives you a % of force so you can do the spins? do you understand what I mean? thanks.

  3. It goes too fast. It would be nice to slowly show how one foot is coming in front of the other and do 45 degree turn, or 90 practicing that before adding a full spin. Then add the shoulders. Get the feet down pat before adding more. Here its hard to see just what she's doing with her feet.

  4. Ahhhh I look at this video and feel like I never gonna learn 🙁 you are soo good but it seen complicated for me to follow

  5. looks great and I understand the female part – but how does the guy let me know that I am supposed to 'prep' for a spin

  6. "in clear english" what the hell does that mean? salsa is for latinos anyways and if u want clear english maybe you should look up how to look like a fool while dancing techno.

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