Beginner Ski Lesson #1.2 – Sliding on Snow

Beginner Ski Lesson #1.2 - Sliding on Snow

When you are learning how to ski as a beginner even just sliding on snow can be intimidating at first. In this skiing lesson Darren Turner, presenter of our Ski School Apps (, shows how to knock snow off ski boots, click into ski bindings (the things that hold you onto the skis) and start skiing for the first time! A short, gentle slope with a flat or slightly uphill runoff is the best location for this demo. Check out the rest of our How to Ski videos.

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Watch out for the rest of the series, download the apps, and remember for your safety that they are a supplement, not a replacement to on-slope tuition with a qualified ski instructor. If this skiing lesson is too basic for you, check out our Intermediate and Advanced apps and YouTube series.

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  1. I watched these videos two weeks ago. And this is very helpful, i don't even need an instructor. Thanks man :)

  2. I recently moved to a ski town (Bozeman, MT), and haven't skied in 10+ years. These videos are invaluable!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. outstanding instruction!! Better than most professional instructors at the local hill. I would know as a former certified instructor myself. Thank you for these great resources!

  4. Love these videos; however, something I don't think I've seen is instructions on how to stop, in all different environments.

  5. Thank you for these videos.I am a first time skier adult, who was feeling a bit apprehensive but these videos are so well explained and easy to follow. I feel much more confident about hitting the snow now :)

  6. these lessons are so great.  I'm a pretty good skier but use your lessons to help teach my grandchildren.  

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