Beginner Ski Lesson #1.4 – Snow Plough Turns

Beginner Ski Lesson #1.4 - Snow Plough Turns
Once you’ve learnt how to snow plough on skis and can control your speed on the snow and stop, it’s time how to learn how to turn using snow plough turns. In this skiing lesson Darren Turner explains how to make your first turns on skis using the snow plough or wedge and talks about common mistakes. A gentle slope is required for this demo – and remember for your safety that it is not a substitution, but a complement, to on-slope tuition with a qualified professional ski instructor.

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  1. My problem has always been, trying to do this while dodging people at the same time. if I could only find a ski run that didn't have anyone on it, I'd be fine. : )

  2. Hi, I'm going skiing in February and my goggles don't have reflective lenses, does this mean they don't have uv protection?

  3. when he says "push more on the right leg", is this pressing the ski down more (ie shifting your weight) or increasing the angle of the right ski?
    While turning is the body straight up (not leaning)?

  4. Thanks for this! I'm a zell am see as I write this, starting day 2 of ski school in a bit and I just couldn't understand what the instructor meant by "pressing down on my big toe" to make a turn. I would then always keep my skis parallel once I did the turn so I would end up going fast and crashing!!! I will try this today and let you know 😀 

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE! I am teaching myself to ski this season and you've helped me more than anything else!

  6. Thanks! This really helped. I tried skiing today for my first time and to turn my instructor told me to make my ski flat, but he didn't elaborate. I'm probably just stupid but this cleared things up haha

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