Beginner Ski Lesson #2.3 – Preparing to ski Parallel

Beginner Ski Lesson #2.3 - Preparing to ski Parallel

With a strong snowplough turn and commitment you can now start to learn how to ski parallel. Ski Instructor Darren Turner helps you to get the uphill ski to drift in parallel at the end of the turn. The next lesson we’ll try to help you stay parallel throughout the whole turn.

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  1. Great video series so far!
    I didn't went skiing for a few years now and never spoke to a real Ski Instructor, so I'll have much work to do to get my sloppy technique on a better level.
    I can remember my inside ski did always move around a lot and all of my weight was on the outside ski, which was perfectly stable.

  2. Your lessons are incredible! Having only been skiing once, I'm preparing to go skiing shortly again, and everything from your step-by-step processes to your other tips like how to walk in ski boots on snow are so informative and well explained, I really feel like I'm going to be prepared to have a great time on skis again. Thank you for these videos!

  3. Thanks for the videos, they have been helpful to watch 🙂
    Been learning at Chill Factore, quite steady progress for me, just done lessons 456 again and in the past two or three weeks I've decided I really enjoy it so I think this a good sign. I can get parallel like you've shown in this video but not on the turn yet.

  4. My shoe size is EU33.5/US3.5, and I'm an adult. I use to be able to rent size 4 skiboots in China several years back, and I loved their knee high boots which supported my knees very well. No knee pain even from day 1.
    Now I am in the US and I bought a pair of child size boots found by a big ski gear store —- they tried really hard and that was the best they came up with: they come with very short boots, I was told that's the las test trend, and while they were as close as it could get in size, they are still somewhat too big for me, after one season, one of my toe nails turned purple due to the boots were too big, plus my knees hurt like crazy, although I would say, I am now way more advanced than when I was in China.
    I wonder where I can buy taller boots in small size? I haven't been back China for many years, I don't know what they have there; their online stores show short boots only, just like the Americans.
    I hope you can direct me to the right direction to find the right boots for me. Many thanks! :)

  5. Hi, 

    As as a boarder, I have never skied until last month… I had booked myself into SnoZone MK for a lesson last month and also checked out your videos….

    Well…. I got through levels 1 – 4 in 2 hrs… I must say my legs were burning! Lol….

    Over Easter, I took my 7yo daughter back to the slope and she is sure as that she taught me to ski! 🙂 Who am I to destroy that joy??? 🙂

    Anyway, on that session, I also figured out to link parallel turns and hockey stop.
    At no point did I feel out of control and I think I did quite well… No pro but thanks to your videos and the tuition at SnoZon, I've nailed it so far!

    Thanks for the great videos!

  6. Had my first ski lesson today. This is pretty much as far as we got in the first two hours. An instructor is great, but watching these videos also helped a lot in understanding what I'm suppose to do. Thanks a lot.

  7. Echoing exactly what Dan List said – great for expert skiers who need a quick reminder of how to start off complete beginners.  You hit on some good points that many seasoned instructors skip, and you omit some of the superfluous rubbish.  I'm BASI trained and back in the day we only had the real Ali Ross and the Cairngorms, no YouTube :)

  8. So…. let me say. I've never been skiing, ever, not once. Until today. I'm a hockey player who skates twice a week so I have natural balance… but that's it. Last night I watched the first 3-4 sets of lessons you have. This morning I went to the mountain and made runs from 9am-3pm. Without any major spills. By the end of the day I was full speed on the blue runs, skiing parallel the entire time. I started on the greens in the wedge. Then after getting comfortable I went to the top of the mountain.
    The two things (other then the progression through the lessons) that I kept remembering and worked for me amazingly well was the mention of feeling pressure on your shins against the boot, which helped keep me in the correct stance at speed. And the gas clutch thing. A perfect way to explain that.
    Thank you so much….. I'm hooked. Going back next week. 

  9. I just went skiing for the first time two weeks ago.  Had a lesson which was great and gave me the basics but these videos are great to watch to pick up on things that perhaps weren't covered in my initial lesson.  I like to be able to watch them more than once.  I'm going skiing again in two days and I will be working on turning (slowly!).  I had a bit of trouble in my first lesson as my right leg was much more dominant!  I'm very excited to try the techniques in the video.  Thank you!

  10. Great series, great for the expert skier who needs to put their mind back in the state of a beginner and what to watch out for with the person you are teaching.  Very logical, watching through the series helps the beginner see the big picture, that mastering each skill will lead to another skill to master.  

  11. Thanks a lot! Very useful! Good to go back to the basics sometimes. I having problems with my left bend. My left ski sticks into the snow. 

  12. I'm an animator working on a skiing game for an indie developer, so I'm trying to figure out the motions.  Could anybody tell me about body position when you're going straight and if the poles are used after the initial start?  Also, any recommendations for other videos on the subject will help

  13. Thanks for sharing.  This would be awesome for our serving men and women to experience with their families during Christmas.

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