Bento Box How To: Snack Time

Bento Box How To: Snack Time

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I have to eat every couple hours or I get hangry, this is my solution for long work days when lunch just isn’t gonna cut it. Featured: my trick to keep apples from browning, how to stop almond butter from spilling all over the place, and a cameo from Lula.


  1. my bento box finally came in, yesterday and I was looking for ways to pack them and happened upon you videos. fyi they are super helpful.

  2. I was wondering if you can use lime juice instead of lemon, cause we have a big ole lime tree in our front yard. Also great videos!! Very helpful!

  3. Just discovered your videos — I'm so stoked to get started with bento! 🙂 P.S. — You're adorable. :)

  4. How many bento boxes do you bring with you to work? Do you ever do snack, lunch, and dinner bentos for busy days?

  5. Thanks for the tips!! I rarely get time to have breakfast, but I could easily make this with my lunch bento, and take it with me!

  6. Can you please make a video on how you keep your food fresh until you eat it? Arigato! love your vids subscribed!!!!!!

  7. so I had this long post i was going to write thanking you for your snack idea and tips, but seriously need to first cry in jealously at your cutting skills. I love apples, hate cutting them. They fly all over the place and take so much force to cut into. Ugh. Jealous. anywho, thank you and awesome video and channel!!

  8. For some reason I found it hilarious when you said 'except for bananas, you can just bring those whole'. Love these videos – they always inspire me to be more creative with my lunches :)

  9. "I've tossed it too vigorously! I'm losing apples now!" xD

    not only are you good at this, you are entertaining and for that I thank you.

  10. Great idea for a snack! That would be plenty for lunch for me. I have a home office and HATE stopping to make lunch for myself. I've been thinking of getting a bento box. You just inspired me. 

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