Best Way to do Push Ups (For Sculpted Chest!)

Best Way to do Push Ups (For Sculpted Chest!)

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  1. So if i understood correctly:
    3 excersises; 4-5sets with 6-8 reps with 1-1:30 min breaks. But what about supersets, that means that i should do second excercise right after the first one or with 1 min break between them? Can someone please explain this superset thing to me on this example ? :)

  2. Im 13 and i can do 50 push ups,if those pushups alternatives are harder then im all set,sorry for bad english.

  3. yea its same too i mean the push up its easy 2 man but my body it cant change my body when i make more push up why not?

  4. What are your thoughts on wearing a weighted vest to incorporate more weight into your pushups and other exercises?

  5. you are the man bro ! 6 months into calaesthetics lost 17kg body fat and gained alot of muscle keep posting these nice videos bro !! ur a real motivation

  6. Whenever I do chest exercises I don't feel it at all at my chest at the time, only a couple of days later. Some friends of mine tell me that they feel their chest being worked out immedietly but I only feel my arms, am I doing something wrong?

  7. came across ur channel. Dear Brendan do You recommend calisthenics for an overweight person trying to get back in shape. I just wanna lose some weight n get lean muscle.

  8. Hey brendan, I had a question. I just started calisthenics again (still skinny) and wanted to know if you think I should be doing splits, kind of how you described it in the video. You talked about working the chest on 3 days instead of 4. I usually do push-ups, abs, chin-ups and pull-ups every three days. Should I consider splitting it up?

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