Bras: How To Measure, My Favourite Bras, Boobs!

Bras: How To Measure, My Favourite Bras, Boobs!

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Melissa’s video (skindeepbeautytips):

How to measure your bra size:

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  1. your band size is not measured over top of your bust. try using the same method and measure under neath where the band actually sits. You're probably more like a 28 F or G

  2. Lol I'm a 32dd and mine look nothing like yours–you must be wearing a really nice push up or your breasts are fuller at the top.

  3. It's really hard finding a good strapless bra that gives support when I'm a DD almost a DDD. I've tried so many and they don't hold my boobs up at all. I even tried going down a size. 

  4. A-almost boobs
    B-barely boobs
    C-cant complain
    DD-double dang
    G-get a reduction
    H-help ive fallen and i cant get up!!

  5. It's so hard finding a strapless bra when you have almost no boobs and my boobs wont fit into a cup without push up no matter how small a cup size I go down.. it sucks! I'm 19 and done growing lol ugh. 

  6. Ok so I know that bra sizing thing worked for a lot of you guys, but it did not work at all for me. I am currently wearing a 34 B and it said that I was a 34 A. I'm almost spilling out of my bra now, let alone if I wore the size I got when I measured.

  7. I need more bras. I have like 4 that fit + a bandeau that functions as a strapless bra. Problem is bras are $$$$$$$

  8. That pink one that added 2 cup sizes looked amazing. I love the pillow-foam memory thing it had in the padding, but I don't know about having the extra big bazookas every day.

  9. I was hoping your boobs were fake! Only joking, but I have seen your fake tan video and you look incredible (as you do always) and I thought, surely they are fake (not because they look it), but I just thought that God couldn't be that cruel to me and let me see what a fabulous figure you have! I hope you understand that I mean everything in a good way?! XX

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