Brush Techniques,#2 | learn to paint | how to paint with acrylics | clive5art

Brush Techniques,#2 | learn to paint | how to paint with acrylics | clive5art

Brush Techniques: Clive has revised this lesson from early on in 2013 at his new studio and shows some basic Brush Techniques while doing a simple demonstration.

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Part 1

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  1. Thank you very much for this video. Beginners such as myself really need to learn the basic techniques first. This is an absolute beautiful painting. Thanks again.

  2. I cannot find part 1? Please can anyone tell me where to find it. Clive, I like your channel, I should say in the beginning of your vids for all the new viewers to look at your playlist. I have used YouTube for yrs and have difficulty finding your parts of vids. Also, many may look for the first time and not realize you have a playlist, most just look under videos. 

  3. I feel quite accomplished today — I've watched parts 1 & 2 and done some paint-along and feel I've learned a lot!  Yeah!  Thanks for this, Clive!

  4. Hi Clive, love your new studio, I remember the first day you went into your old paintings. Looks great, your lessons are wonderful, your fun to learn from and watch. Thank you for sharing. Is there a part 1 for this video? I cannot.find it. Thank, I am on your twitter as well….gigi….

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