Build your own swimming pool START to FINISH

Build your own swimming pool START to FINISH

How to excavate and construct your own outdoor swimming pool. Instructions and guidance for the construction of the pool. Costings and timings discussed in the notes.
All equipment shown, further details given on request.


  1. good video thanks. How thick was the concrete slab and did you put a special joint of any kind under the first course of blocks? Is that concrete backfill and if so, how much did you put? Full strength? What kind of paint please? Thank you and kind regards, Burton

  2. how much did that cost you to make ?….. looks great try using natural chemistry, it keeps our pool silky smooth and free from green stale water.
    nice project !!

  3. A word of caution. Not all sub-soils are as stable and will not stand up without being supported by reinforced wooden walls. I'm afraid that people will follow this without knowing that unsupported walls are prone to cave-ins. Be safe.

  4. how hard is it to make a pool with a shovel and only yourself? im thinking of starting to dig my own pool this spring, but i dont own money so need to find a way to make it cost $0.

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