Built-in Bookshelves – How To Design Cabinets

Built-in Bookshelves - How To Design Cabinets

Subscribe for weekly projects! This video is about planning to build cabinetry for an office with shelves, drawers and a solid wood counter.

You can find plenty of parts for your building project at http://rockler.com

Check out this blog post about the build @ JenWoodHouse: http://jenwoodhouse.com/built-in-bookcase-01/

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“Comic Plodding” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. Hej Linn. I'm enjoying this series, and it's giving me some ideas for my own projects. I was interested in your plane/jointer jig. I don't think I can justify the price of a jointer at the moment but I do have an electric plane. Is it just a case of building a box for the plane so timber can be moved across the top of it? Or is it a bit more complex than that? I take it you don't have a video or plan for me to make a similar jig? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

  2. Great Timing! I'm renovating a closet/bathroom and have some ideas I want to try. I'll be looking forward to your helpful tips as we build. Thank You!

  3. what? no french cleats?
    there was a moment during this video, in and among your hand-drawn sketching, that i looked up at the walls around me and without any exaggeration i curled my lips and uttered 'hmmmm….'.
    as well, i am wondering why you have decided to leave the spaces above the windows open? i like how your other built-in shelves use that bit of space. i'll bet you could fit some shoe boxes up there!
    final question, well.. suggestion. as this is your office, maybe consider some shoe drawers for mail, envelopes, etc.? something like this: https://tinyurl.com/p4wo7to

    anyways, keep doing your thing! glad you're excited about this project. it helps the rest of us stay inspired.


  4. Hey Linn excellent video looking forward to the series…. May I ask how did you add the sketch to the video? it is such a professional touch

  5. I really need to take cue from you and plan projects out a little more. I tend to build by the seat of my pants. Cant wait to see how this comes out.

  6. Sounds like a great set of videos!  I am excited to follow along.  I agree that by creating several videos you will remove a lot of the complexity of the process.  Remember to move that outlet off to the side so it isn't built into the cabinet.  Good luck, I can't wait to see your progress!  Thanks for your videos.

  7. I have a angled interior wall in the office here at my house.  It's really useless because it's only about 3 feet wide and not a good candidate for anything to be placed in front of so I'm doing the same built in bookcase idea but I'm pulling out the sheetrock to give me 3-ish more inches of depth.  The only issue is that I'll have to move an outlet and replace a middle stud with a header and jack studs (it's not load bearing, though).

  8. hello you have no idea how i and enjoying your video i like the time and give a very good explanation of what you're doing and looked at many video and I am very happy to look at the art and passion in what you do thank you

  9. Very nice intro to the series coming up. I would be glad to go thro the whole series. Thanks for the offer.

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