Bundle Packing For Wrinkle Free Clothes | Carry-On | NBC News

Bundle Packing For Wrinkle Free Clothes | Carry-On | NBC News

Ben Popken shows us how to pack like a pro with this ‘bundle packing’ technique for wrinkle free clothes.
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Bundle Packing For Wrinkle Free Clothes | Carry-On | NBC News

Army Hack: Packing Suitcase / Baggage Like a Pro for Travel || Space Saving Military Style

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Just a quick video to introduce more people to military style of packing, aka “Ranger roll,” “Army roll,” etc. You can use it to pack your suitcase or any other baggage/luggage.

As you can see, it’s a real space-saver, and it helps you stay organized, too! 🙂 Before I learned rolling my clothes, I’d stuff everything in the bag, and then every time I needed something I had to start a digging expedition to find it among all the other stuff. haha Ranger-rolling makes packing and traveling a lot more manageable.

This also comes in handy if you’re hiking/backpacking, packing a survival kit, or fixing for a field exercise. Have a different situation where this came in handy? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Some people told me that Ranger-rolling saved them from having to buy an extra piece of luggage, so if the same happened to you, tell me in the comment section! Also, let me know your feedback on rolling/folding and packing in general, as well as any suggestions to improve my future videos.

If you found this helpful, please take a moment to like and comment below and also share with friends on Facebook, Google+, or whatever else you use. I’d appreciate the support. Thanks!

T-Shirts: youtu.be/so93nqxZLjM
Underwear: youtu.be/V9lj_g779Io
Socks: youtu.be/griS9wKF8aA
Pants: youtu.be/7vCo65e6pxE
Jackets/Shirts: youtu.be/drCw1–3Ko8


  1. …Hii people!!..
    I loved Maxelder argan cream! Very gentle, doesn 't have annoying smell. None of my wrinkles had disappeared of course, but overall it's a great night moisturizer…. You can find it in w…nyarganoil ….c ..

  2. it was absolutely waste of time doing this. i ironed all of my husband's clothes and when he opened them in France all had wrinkles! what did i get after watching your video? i wasted 3 hours ironing my hubby's clothes. plz no one follow this. it is far better to take an iron with u n iron them wherever you are going

  3. +armygringo thanks for the tips i have to fly with my 20 month old and this helped me alot e …was able to knock it down to one suitcase

  4. Thank you for all these tutorials…! I've been teaching the kids (and parents) in my scouting patrols how to ranger roll their clothing for camp. Now I've got parents packing their holiday suitcases this way too…!

  5. Watching my hubby pack for deployments for 9 years you'd think I would have remembered all of this… It's amazing what you forget when you don't see it… I do remember him laughing at me when he came home for R&R in 2007 and saw how much I had packed for our 1 year old twins for a 1 week trip from Drum to OR. (Mom tip: don't read how to pack for twins blogs… 3-4 outfits a day with matching shoes is not necessary…)
    Thanks for the reminder!! ;-)

  6. wow when rolled it looked so neat, my suitcase is gonna look better that the suitcasses of all my family members!!! thanks a bunch :)

  7. kinda late to the conversation, but this video will forever be relevant to travelers like me!
    thanks for your service, man.

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