Bunny Jail

Bunny Jail

Cassandra was bad so we put her in bunny jail but she would not accept her punishment.

About disciplining rabbits:
#1 NEVER EVER HIT THEM. They are not dogs (not that you should hit dogs either) they are small fragile creatures and will be terrified of you if you hit them it is animal abuse. Also it’s simply wrong to hit anyone.
#2 Never EVER tap their nose, for dogs it’s an acceptable punishment but I would still advise against it because verbal discipline and cage time is more appropriate. (we tell our dog to go lay down in bed if she’s bad and she gets upset and angry but she listens) Rabbits have extremely sensitive noses, notice if you ever accidentally brush their nose or tap it by accident they will recoil instantly bc their noses are extremely sensitive so never ever tap their nose as a form of punishment it’s very very upsetting to them and personally, I hate it when people touch my nose too! So I get them!
#3 Cage time was a good punishment at first, 5-10 minutes in the cage if they chew on a wire or eat something they’re not supposed to. I used to let my rabbit run around my room while I slept bc she was so well behaved so she would jump in and out of the cage as she pleased, when I got a second rabbit it didn’t work so well because the second one was not well behaved. She still chews my wires and likes to eat rat food, she chews my boots and tries to run under my bed I had to completely fill my bed with storage units so she couldn’t have any space to get under there, anyway my point is cage time isn’t the best punishment if you HAVE to keep them in the cage at night. :/
#4 A non-physical punishment is best. So putting a small laundry basket over them works quite well, Cassandra typically stops her bad behavior if she’s in there for 2-3 minutes.
#5 If you think this is animal abuse you are crazy because there is no physical or mental harm being done to the rabbit, also you have to discipline your animals somehow, I had to get creative and yelling at animals only scares them and can be traumatizing particularly for dogs and rabbits because of their acute hearing. Anyway please always be safe with your bunnies and discipline them fairly and never hit them. They are loving and wonderful creatures but don’t adopt one if you’re not ready for their responsibility, they’re certainly alot of work and very expensive to keep.

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