Can Someone “Learn” To Sing? (Part 1)

Can Someone

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  1. I'm scared to sing whenever's there's people within a 200ft radius. If I do sing, it's quietly to myself, in my room or in the shower. I wan't to see if I can get out of my comfort zone though. I'm not trying to become a great singer but, be able to sing at least.

  2. Great video eric. This is a life lesson haha. Perseverance and discipline. Thanks for sharing your talents and vocal wisdom!

  3. I can't sing to save my life and I want to learn so bad just because I love singing and I'm awful!! I've heard myself on recordings and I'm so bad!!

  4. Hi Eric, in order to improve on my singing, WHAT MUST I NOT AND DRINK to keep my voice cool n clear. Coz i hear wines and beers are not good for the voice…Thanks

  5. I was just recently introduced to you and your YouTube channel and have enjoyed what i've seen. I believe your positive attitude is so awesome. Keep doing what u do!

  6. I'm in the third group, but not quite the way you explained it. My parents (my dad in particular) have always told me that I sing pretty well, and I used to sing all the time when I was younger. But as I got older for some reason I stopped wanting to sing in front of people, even my own family and friends.
    I honestly don't think I sing well even when people tell me I do, and I'm pretty self-conscious. I'm trying to get over that! >< Watching this video really helped me realize this. 🙂

  7. i know that everybody can learn to sing but.. its it possible for every person who learns to sing performe for example a cover of fredy mercury?

  8. thank you man, I'm from the third group and I'm always afraid of singing even infront of myself 😀 You are giving me hope, thanks!

  9. I turned into type 3 years ago. I got over that, but now I am working on the type 2, because I closed up for so long, it is like starting all over again. The best self confidence booster I had was when I was singing in a parking lot and did not realize I was as loud as I was. So I was putting the groceries in the car and there were people every where clapping. If I could learn to get type two down. I know I could do it.

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