1. I do believe that you have a gift. Yes you had to learn it, but by God's grace you were granted a second song, admittance into your University, and your professors and coaches did not give up on you. That is a gift that you had to receive by reaching for it. Thank you for your transparency. I am excited to see how your videos may develop my voice.

  2. My daughter sings with the Chicago Children's Choir.  She was singing from the wrong place and struggling to produce a clear sound.  I know how to produce a clear sound with my own voice, but I couldn't articulate to her how she should work towards that sound. Now with just a few days of listening to and practicing your techniques she's there! We went through several videos before we got to your series and you won us over.  I just want to say thank you.  You're amazing!!!

  3. This is damn near my life story, everything you said is spot on. This makes this all the more personal for me, its very inspiring and EXACTLY what I needed to hear that someone went thru the same things I'm going thru now. I'm so glad you did this, and I know this is very late, but I sincerely thank you for this. Sincerely, I mean it. Thank you sooo much.

  4. Hi Eric, I enjoyed your story, inspirational it can be related to anything for anyone who is challenging themselves to achieve almost anything…:)

  5. Hard work does make a difference! It shows a persons passion. And passion should be the product! Awesome inspirational videos man please make some newer ones!

  6. I really love this. Ever since I was little, I've always have people telling me "oh, you sing well!" and things like that. But I know for a fact my voice isn't actually that great (my range is tiny and I have zero strength) – I do understand I have potential, but I've never known how to improve. (I also had, like many, the assumption that at 18 I am too old to learn to sing better.) So I've always just assumed I was stuck with my voice and would never improve, although my passion has always been music. I have such low self-confidence that I never sing around other people anymore, although I used to sing all the time. Now I have hope that I can work to really improve my voice, and I'm so happy about that! Thank you so much for sharing your story! 

  7. Damn man, you are good. Not just singing but helping/teaching/explaining! You seem like a great guy. If I didn't have work early in the morning I'd probably be up for hours more watching your stuff!!

  8. I always watch how to sing videos and I always come across yours.. I don't sound well I'm being honest but I keep singing when I'm alone. Watching this makes me confident but I just need to be confident when I'm more out in public. I know people will make fun of me but I also want to prove that everyone has a talent with them. Thank you though (:

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