Carving – How to Carve on Skis – Advanced Ski Lesson #6.2

Carving - How to Carve on Skis - Advanced Ski Lesson #6.2

Carving is the holy grail for many skiers, in this ski lesson, ski instructor Darren Turner ( ) explains how a ski works, what terms such as sidecut mean, the difference between carving a turn and skidding a turn, and demonstrates a couple of simple exercises to help you to learn how to carve on skis.

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Remember that these ski videos are not a replacement for on-slope instruction with a qualified ski instructor, and should only viewed as a supplement.

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  1. Hey Ski school, i got a question on carving: i can already do nice and edged turns, for me, it feels like i´m kind of carving (lack of practice, going in two weeks ^^) but the pressure is like almost only on my outside leg, my inside ski is not edging, i feel like i could just lift it without any change (there would be change, but you no what I mean). am i doing it right? if not, any tips? you make the best training videos and i hope you can help me!

  2. Finally some real carving.
    There are so many hockey stop carving videos on Youtube.
    Thank you for showing some real carving.

  3. I've been trying to practise this for several years. Doesn't work, the ski WON'T turn. Skidding is easy and natural, but edging only leads to disbalance and fall.

  4. Guys, if I am able to get up to this lesson with my ski Racetiger RC titanium – I would like to get some advice from expert – am I able to get down with these type of skis with average speed on 40% slopes.. 🙂 Or either way I have to be skiding or go fast like crazy.. 🙂 And also, I am ending my skiing session absolutelly exhausted, when others even girls just go out. 😀 I am really wandering, if my ski´s were right choice for me – but I just love that name, and looks! :D

  5. I feel like when i try to do this on a thinner sort of trail when I do this I'm gonna fall of the side so then I just keep going more and more vertically down the hill since it feels more natural and then I end up going to fast and there's an icy part on the trail so I panic and tumble over my self and end up getting injured

  6. I have been working hard on learning to ski the last several years. I ski with some super duper experts. I've gotten a lot better but seem to have hit a plateau. I cannot put my skis on edge. This video lesson was excellent. I am going to put the advice it contains to work as soon as the mountains open. With any luck at all it will help me continue to improve. Thank you!

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