Cat Dental Health & Tooth Care : Spotting an Unhealthy Cat Mouth

Cat Dental Health & Tooth Care : Spotting an Unhealthy Cat Mouth

Identify the signs of an unhealthy mouth, teeth and gums in cats this free feline dental health video.

Expert: Dr. Greg McDonald
Bio: Dr. Greg McDonald earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Ohio State University in 1979.
Filmmaker: Diana Bacon


  1. This is what happens when you take a carnivore and feed it grains. Dental problems, heart decease, cancers. The human that owns that cat should not own pets if is not willing to feed it raw meat.

  2. Stripes is a great cat!  My cat will not allow me to open his mouth and he has dental problems now.  I am trying to reverse this condition with a raw food diet, as well I am giving him butter oil/fermented cod liver oil by Green Pastures.  This works to reverse cavities in humans so this is my best remedy for him.  He also has a hyperthyroid condition so herbs will help to control the condition.  Wish me luck!  I love my cat Maui and he is a 13 year old Tabby cat.

  3. Taking care of the gum infection actually might help with the heart problem, maybe the heart problem even was caused by the infection (endocarditis)

  4. My gosh, I hope for the best. I just began brushing my cat's teeth. He's fighting me every step of the way, it feels as though i'm being cruel to him and wish there were someway I could do so with his compliance

  5. @Leopardfur101986 I'm pretty sure your cat won't have 6 canine teeth. Canines are the long pointy teeth. There are four of these in total, 2 top, 2 bottom.

    Cats do have 6 incisors at the top and 6 at the botttom, 12 in total.

    search cats in google and look at the first image that appears

  6. These videos should come out in HD, so the view of the cats mouth is very clear for educational purposes. (and no I don't have a sick fetish with animal's mouths)

  7. What Happens if the Gums are all black exept the Toung and Under It Because My cat Has that but the color of his Fur is grey brown and black so can any 1 help me?

  8. aww i wish my cat would let me open her mouth like that, such a well behaved kitty Stripes is 🙂 i also think i should try brudh my cats teeth because i can see tartar forming :S

  9. I'm a certified veterinary dental tech. "Cavities" due to tartar and decay (dental caries) are rare in cats. More likely, those "cavities" and missing teeth are due to feline resorptive lesions, a whole other (and painful) condition. There are probably root fragments beneath the gums where those teeth have eroded. X rays, if not done already, would easily distinguish a carious condition from resorption. This is a common error even with experienced vets. Google FORL for more information.

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