Cat Purring for Sleep (Relaxing White Noise for Humans & Cats)

Cat Purring for Sleep (Relaxing White Noise for Humans & Cats)

Let the soothing vibrations of blissful purring lull you into a state of relaxation. Calm your mind for deep sleep or meditation with this organic “white noise.”

This track is also recommended for calming & comforting rescued kittens & cats.

Download the full 2-hour track on CD Baby & loop it on your iPod.


  1. ive got a cat at my house today as his house is being treated with chemicals. He's frightened of the stupid shouty builders outside my window so i'm playing him this after researching what sounds cats like to hear. thankyou :-)

  2. cat was sleeping…thought id play this to see what happened. I return to working on a piece of paper and something told me to turn around and when i did i see my cat sitting up staring at me… idk if this is a good thing or not, but it scared me! thanks

  3. I'm listening to this lying down on my tummy with my cat curled up on my back purring like an engine! She purrs louder when I play this.

  4. I find this one of the most relaxing of the kitty kat purrs posted my kitty respond to it more also.  When I turn the volume up he turns around and stares at me as if to say, "why are you hiding another cat from me?".

  5. Because it was so hard to fall asleep on christmas eve,I wanna make it easier to fall asleep on "easter eve" ,So i was doing some research on easier ways to fall asleep – And one of them was having a animal to cuddle up with,However,i do not have a pet to sleep with,And so,the next best thing is the noise of a cat i figured,Because it'll still seem like i'm with one,And i'll play some relaxing piano music along with it,And fall into a sleep 🙂 Thanks for making this :)

  6. This helped me to sleep, thanks. 🙂 I have a really annoying ocd, and I have difficult to relax, but that smoothing purrr helped me.

  7. I really liked it but I agree with Odin, it's too repetitive.  I think with a little bit more variation it would be perfect.

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