Club Dance Lessons – For Guys | Beginner Dance Combo

Club Dance Lessons - For Guys | Beginner Dance Combo

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In this video you will learn a beginner’s club dance combo that combines the butterfly together with the heel raise. You can do these 2 moves together very easily since the movements are very similar.

These beginner dance lessons can be considered as a essential part of men’s style. Also: by learning these beginner basics, guys can branch out and learn other types of social dance and ball room dance styles more easily – for example salsa, tango, foxtrot, swing, samba or really any other type of dance.

If you follow the directions from the video, these dance moves should be relatively easy to pickup. As an artist and a person who shares his knowledge – my goal is to show guys the fastest way to become comfortable on the dance floor and start having some fun.

In addition, by learning these dance moves, guys will be able to approach woman in the club or at bars with more confidence.

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How to dance for men is a channel and community that is dedicated to showing guys exactly how to dance in a club, wedding or social function without looking stiff and awkward.
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