Cocoon Designs: How Suzanne makes her fused glass earring channels

Cocoon Designs: How Suzanne makes her fused glass earring channels
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1.Cutting Glass—Show different forms glass comes in and name them (spaghetti, fettucini, etc).
Talk about these things:
• Play with colors, thin lines
• Mention 3 collections: Serenity (sophisticated, polished), Peace and love (playful, chic) Harmony (characterized by vertical or horizontal lines with colors next to each other, Contemporary Stylish).
• Color: like vibrant, punched up color and contrasts
2.Clean the glass—eliminate dust, debris and any oils from fingers
3.Lay it up—talk about vertical channel you create so you don’t glue it. How it creates a polished, refined look—” A lot of fused glass artists shy away from creating earrings at all or simply glue on an earring bail to hang from an ear wire. I don’t like that look and feel it doesn’t hang nicely either, so I will either drill a hole at the top of the fused earring for the wire, or I create a channel within the layers before it is fused. It’s quite tedious and time consuming but it definitely makes a difference in the finished product. For people who appreciate that greater attention to detail, it is important and recognizable.”

4.Put in kiln and fire it —How long? At what temperature? What happens inside? (“molten”, then hardens)
5.Cold work the fused pieces —Make edges straight on a flat lap machine. “Most pieces emerge from the kiln with irregular edges, but I feel that to achieve a more elegant and sophisticated result, it needs that attention to detail. The edges need to be symmetrical.”

(Next step after cold-working would be another round in the kiln to fire-polish the worked edges which become cloudy from the coldworking)

6.Engrave—”Each piece is engraved with the Cocoon logo”
7.Wiring for earrings—”Sometimes I will add a Swarovski crystal.”

“Voila, finished earrings!”
8.Adhesive for Belts—”I also want to show you my fused glass belt buckles. They’re a great statement piece to express your personality, they’re very striking and unique.”
“I use a 2 part adhesive that creates a much stronger bond than the commonly used adhesive. I know from personal experience that you CANNOT get it off.”
9.How to Wear Belt Buckle—Demo and explanation of how it will lay flush better.
Talk about belt. Why she likes it.

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