Cole Information Helps Businesses Find New Customers.

Cole Information Helps Businesses Find New Customers.

Cole Information helps businesses find new customers. It’s a simple, yet vital concept that’s evolved over the past 60-plus years beginning with Jack Cole. In 1947, the entrepreneur and IBM businessman realized that he could use simple computer technology to create “crisscross” directories, like phone books only sorted by addresses and phone numbers instead of last name, for millions of people across the country.
Considered by many to be the Father of direct mail, Jack Cole’s original “Blue Book” revolutionized business and government. The Cole Directory became a valuable tool for small business owners, insurance agents, debt collectors, detective and even the government.
Today the Cole Directory is still available in print format, but through innovation, we’ve moved our lead generation tools online and are now able to provide small business owners an easy-to-use searchable database of addresses and phone numbers for direct mail and telemarketing campaigns, as well as powerful search and verification tools.
Small business is big business and accounts for more than half of all US sales. While Cole Information is based in Omaha, Nebraska—our customer base consists of thousands of small business owners across the United States and Canada.
These include insurance agents, real estate agents and home services providers. But there’s always an opportunity to lead by example and reach out to more.
Our strategy of finding new customers involves a hybrid 1-to-1 marketing model. By clearly understanding our customer’s marketing needs, we are able to mine Cole’s vast databases and then create industry targeted, easy-to-use websites that deliver value added data to our niche groups.

For example, Cole X-Dates gives insurance agents time critical information so they can reach out to homeowners in advance of their expiring policy. Simply log in, enter a Zip Code and instantly you’re connected with hundreds of highly qualified leads.
Cole Realty Resource provides real estate agents the necessary information to contact neighbors of just listed or just sold properties or even specific neighborhoods just as nearby homeowners may be considering selling themselves. Realtors can simply enter an address and instantly receive the neighbors from up and down the street or the entire neighborhood.
These products, just as the city directories before them, are sold on an annual subscription basis. This unique product positioning allows Cole’s customers to browse leads as needed, 24/7, without costly service and support operations.
The addition of Cole Lists adds additional functionality and resources for professional list buyers. As opposed to the annual subscription model, Cole Lists is a “pay as you go” list product which gives businesses an easy way to
reach out and market to prospects nearby, across town or nationwide.
Unlike other “list” providers, with marketers can simply draw an outline on a map and get instant access to every homeowner or renter in a neighborhood.
In addition Cole utilizes a variety of customer engagement tools including calculators and mapping applications entice the web visitor to stay on the site.
This business strategy of vertical integration allows us to continue to grow and reach out to additional audiences by creating unique products to fit their business needs and goals.
Not only that, we also provide support in the form of content, news, a community website and webinars. Best of all, this information is free for our customers and prospect, providing a lead generation source for new business.
At Cole Information, we’re simplifying complex information. It’s a tradition that started more than 6 decades ago and gives us the opportunity to grow and identify new niches, yet continue our core mission of helping businesses find new customers.

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