Cook Steak In A Pan, Easy, Simple, Fast – GardenFork Cooks

Cook Steak In A Pan, Easy, Simple, Fast - GardenFork Cooks

We cook steak on the stove in a pan, and make an easy pan sauce without burning the steak! This steak recipe work for cooking steak on cast iron and heavy metal pans.
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Most how to cook steak videos show these nice thick steaks and have complicated recipes. This is simple weeknight cooking of a steak on the stove in few minutes. A few key things here, salt the meat, cool the meat, use a hot cast iron pan, and don’t cook it too long. I like to cook steak medium or medium rare, and this method works well for that.

Most steaks you buy at the food store are not those super thick ones, I wanted to show people how to cook a steak that costs less than with a simple pan sauce.

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  1. Very helpful…I was searching around for how to cook a thinner steak & your video was helpful…Plus the fan idea helped too! No over head fan. I've never been without a overhead fan before. Thank you!

  2. The bit with the dog at 1:28 really cracked me up.
    I cook meals for me and my dog because, what they put in dog food is absolutely awful, and that bit kinda just reminded me of me and my dog.

  3. Love your show….I'm going to try this…I suck a cooking a steak on my gas grill,everything else ok…steak no…..Looks great…too bad there isn't smellivision yet….

  4. I'm making this for new years eve for dinner because that's the only day my dad's off work. I went to the store and bought 3 new York strips and 1 ribeye steak.

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