Customade Shoemakers – How to make a sneakers shoes

Customade Shoemakers - How to make a sneakers shoes

Workshop : Jl. Cibogo No 48 Bandung

“Discover How Your Shoes Are Made”

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Let’s Customize Your Own Shoes!


  1. Thx for uploading this Not only can you save money but you can star your own business instead of giving money to some one else.

  2. We don`t seem to see any skill like this in the western. For the same reason we live trough our life '' our mind is controlled by the market'' but truly any human being can be able to supply his own materials. who ever post this video Much appreciate.

  3. Lately ive been wanting to make my own brand of sneakers idk why, it just feels like the shoe game has been lacking the past couple of years.

  4. This has peaked my interest. And now I'm searching for supplies, yes, this is going to happen. You can blame the skate shoe industry for not making fat skate shoes anymore.

  5. I like the way you make your shoes
    Without telling us how

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