Customer Service – How to retain existing customers and persuade new ones – Ask Evan

Customer Service - How to retain existing customers and persuade new ones - Ask Evan

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In this video I answer a question from one my readers who asked:

“Dear Evan Carmichael,

Good afternoon,

I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR THE EMAILS YOU HAVE BEEN SENDING ME,i would like you to assist me on ways to retain the existing customers and persuading the new customers to use our printing company,am a new marketing and sales member and have started my work to weeks ago,but have not succeded to get any customer most of them wants quotations without any respond.or i should be patient,but i need to show my result as a sales person




  1. You will find customers that are price shopping everywhere but by avoiding the over the phone quote we have been able to lock in many sales and long term clients.

  2. @ModelingTheMasters num (2)
    i have found a problem that might be hard to overtake and people might not trust me since ill be new to the business so they might not trust me enough to let me keep the laptop to remove the viruses from it!
    also i'm trying to plan how much hours i'm going to spend on the project but i have school and it eands roughly at 3:pm so should i start 3:30 and end 7:30
    then i would have 1 hour to finish up,and another to do homework or chat with family.

  3. @ModelingTheMasters message num (1)
    Hello i'm stating a new business after i work with my uncle for 2 years.
    i will be removing viruses and selling games.
    i will get roughly about 100 bd per month.
    and i will not spend any of it so i will get 2,400bd in two years. is that enough sarting money for my business that will include selling/breeding chickens selling games on disks and removing viruses. how much starting money do i need?
    and how much money do you need to buy propaty?
    see part (2)

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