Daily Saxophone Tip #18 Altissimo G saxophone lesson – Learn how to play saxophone

Daily Saxophone Tip #18 Altissimo G saxophone lesson - Learn how to play saxophone

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Presented by Nigel McGill


  1. really really good tips and i myself repeated this clip everyday to master it someday, but still hard to sound high G

  2. Thanks I haven't been able to play G or A. Its very frustrating. I get exactly the 'fail' sound you demonstrate. Current set up is Series iii tenor with a yanigasawa 5 hard rubber mp usually 3 or 3 1/2 Vandoren Blue box reed.

    I can get the front E and move up to F# but just cant get the G or A to come out.

    Even though the music I like doesn't require altissimo, I would like to learn as I want to learn Junior Walkers "What does it take" as it's my mom's favorite song and the reason why I learned the sax in the first place.

    On the overtones I can get the middle Bb and F but not the octave Bb. I learned a trick to hit the octave key and cheat and hold it so I've been doing that for now.

    I'll try tightening up and a harder reed. The one thing that concerns me is that I"m told not to bite to go higher but the only way the front E,F, F# come out is by moving my bottom lip up into the middle part of the reed. I don't understand how it is possible to keep a soft supported embouchure up there.

  3. G# can be tricky. I use left hand 1+3, right hand 1+3 plus the middle side key with the right index finger.
    Hope this helps.

  4. Thank you for the tips; these fingerings work great! Do you have a favorite G# fingerings? I'm still having trouble with G# on tenor.

  5. Hi Nigel, I love your video lessons.. a lot.. but could you do a lesson on how to play that sweet lick you end your videos with? Thanks

  6. Hey. I'm using a Vandoren T8 with size 2 1/2 reeds. I swap around different brands of reeds but at the moment I'm using Vandoren ZZ.

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