Dancing the Argentine Tango : Modern Argentine Tango Steps

Dancing the Argentine Tango : Modern Argentine Tango Steps

Looking for dance lessons? Take them online! Learn how to do the modern Argentine tango in this free dance lesson from an award-winning tango dancer.

Expert: Gabriela Schaffer
Contact: www.thegoddessstore.com
Bio: Gabriela Schaffer is highly trained in Hip-Hop Dance, specializing in classes for older women.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. Only comment: she does not "add" or "do" anything, the leader leads it all, so for your next video maybe change the choice if words to such as: "while Ai am leading her in doing the moulinette, I can stop her in the back step" etc., so it's less confusing for beginners. 

  2. Hi I like this video, particularly the ideas  for learn to dance online waltz SEARCHING ON GOOGLE barkola smooth dance blueprint

  3. really, you don't see Rachel Ray giving passionate stares to her zucchini! She is showing steps. This isn't meant to be passionate, its meant to be informative. get over your selves!

  4. oh ok yeah because you can teach posture, embrace, proper lead and follow… etc in 1 minute 40 secs… says the expert instructor. Dude is a demo. Do you now what a demo is? apparently not…

  5. saratomas91 nice attitude… And I agree with her… Appreciate the will to help people how to learn to dance and this for free… I mean whats to complain abt this???

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