Daymond John Mentor Lesson: How to Launch a Fashion Business

Daymond John Mentor Lesson: How to Launch a Fashion Business

How to launch a fashion business with Daymond John.

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“Always start with your local store and become a local hero. That’s how you get attention, you start to get people who become your local cheerleaders. You don’t want to scale too quickly, you don’t want to take out a big loan until you start to sell, see what works, what doesn’t work. And then when you have all the bugs out of the line, then you can go further and further.”

As part of Shopify’s Build A Business Competition, Daymond John lays out his keys to successfully creating a fashion powerhouse. While the focus is on fashion, Daymond’s advice on lean growth and partnerships applies to all businesses.

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  1. Thank you Daymond John! I really enjoyed your candor and expertise on how to launch a successful clothing brand.

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  3. I started simply by nesting my community in. I didn't worry about the states around me, I knew that if I got people talking, it'll spread and it did quickly. Rookie Rise Clothing.

  4. Hi Daymond. Thank for this very informative video. I am looking for a good dropshiper of church clothing for my online business. Can you recommend someone in the New York City or NJ. Thank you.

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