Delicious Danish Pastry Recipe – The Bread Kitchen

Delicious Danish Pastry Recipe - The Bread Kitchen

Danish pastries come in a variety of shapes and with many fillings. In this Danish pastry recipe I show how to make the dough and give tips on freezing. Written recipe at


  1. I see that the process is very similar to the making of puff pastry as you have to fold a layer of butter in the dough and roll it out into a flat sheet. But when I make puff pastry dough, the butter block is actually a mixture of butter and a little flour. That makes it firmer. If it's just butter, it could get mushy and oozing out when you roll and it would make a mess, especially in hot weather. How to prevent that?

  2. Me encantan tus recetas, tu técnica es muy buena y aprendo mucho de ti muchas gracias, y saludos de Guadalajara México….

  3. im a dane and i have worked as a baker and your doing it completlig wrong the doug shoud be made whit cold water and cold flouwer

  4. Dear Titli,
    I'm working in a bakery and for the butter its easier if you knead the butter with some plain flour. 2-3 tsp should do 😉 
    You end up with a more elastic butter-piece which is not "breaking" and leaving gaps.
    Just a hint 🙂
    Greetings from north germany! :)

  5. Great video, but as a baker from Denmark I have to give you a tip. use cold water instead of milk cold eggs and cold flower and if you can get akriv yeast its better than dry yeast , normaly you can buy aktiv yeast at the baker. I use 25 kg of it my bakery a day, try to use margarine instead of butter in margarine ther is more water than in butter and you Danish will rise more and be more flaky. but still a great job showing how its made

  6. Im from Denmark, and have never seen a Danish with an abricot on top! But they look really good though! :-)

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