Dessert Recipes – How to Make Banana Pudding

Dessert Recipes - How to Make Banana Pudding

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In this video, we’ll show you how to make a delectable layered dessert with vanilla wafers, vanilla pudding and bananas. No baking required. This recipe makes enough for 20 servings and is ideal for large family gatherings, parties and birthday celebrations.

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  1. We have two boxes of vanilla wafers just waiting to be used in some good old fashion banana pudding. Yes ma'am I'm all for making this :)

  2. Pudding from scratch takes less than 10 min to make, is more flavorful,and minus all of the processed gmo garbage found in packaged pudding. Fresh sweetened whipped cream also only takes a few minutes to make.

  3. So… It's not banana pudding, it's vanilla pudding, with added sugar and fats, served with a few banana slices. If you replace banana slices with strawberry slices, that makes it strawberry pudding?

    Welcome to the Fail side of Youtube.

  4. I miss the old original version of banana pudding where my grandmother would make a homemade custard with eggs and vanilla flavoring as the pudding bananas, vanilla wafers and whipped egg whites for the meringue topping.

  5. I do the exact same ingredients and measurements except I add one package of cream cheese and I use whatever buttery cookies I have on hand. It makes a richer and a bit more dense pudding  and I only add bananas when serving. I love banana pudding.

  6. These are not real recipes, merely tutorials about how to use instant mixes. If these 'use instant mix' recipe videos continue, consider yourself losing a subscriber.

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