Distemper Dog

Distemper Dog

This is rare footage of a medical examination of a dog ill with distemper. It’s my hope that people will vaccinate their furry friends timely in order to prevent this disease. Many people have posted questions about sick animals, to which the response must emphatically be: see a trained veterinarian promptly!


  1. The dog is suffering terrible pains because of a simple mindless virus. There is so objective standard to tell dogs or evens humans are better than virus. Dogs and viruses may have equal value depending on the viewer. But nothing can be objective and I have no choice but to think subjectively. As a fellow mammal, I feel closer to dogs than to viruses. I can imagine their pain which is not necessary. If god created the world and I were god, I could have created a better world than this. No dogs or others animals will be suffering from mindless viruses in my world. Some may argue such viruses are doing some role in the ecosystem… If I were omnipotent and omnipresent, I will surely find another way to keep the world in balance without such miseries.

  2. CherishUSA61: Are you a DVM? A vet tech? What is your personal experience with distemper dogs to make such a bold, sweeping statement? I have seen many dogs come through distemper, some without neurological issues, some with minor issues, some with debilitating issues. THEY CAN LEAD ENJOYABLE LIVES post-distemper. I OWN A DISTEMPER SURVIVOR with a mild tremor. I pulled her from the shelter not knowing she was infected, nursed her through and she is a wonderful, normal but twitchy dog. Take your own advice and UNDERSTAND. Educate yourself before you open your mouth.

  3. You people need to understand. If a dog has distemper.. you need to put them down. They only suffer more and more each day. That is selfish to keep them alive because you want them in  your life. I am sorry for all those who have to go through this.. but you have to think of what is best for that poor animal.. Sorry……..

  4. our dog is also suffering from distemper, he was 5 months we will get him now from the clinic and we will take care of him..
    god only knows when are we going to die
    and i still praying who knows there is a miracle that will happen..
    i feel very very sad while i'll see him suffer from that sick!

  5. I also have a Dog that caught Distemper why he was 4 month, and the vet told me to put him to sleep, and i did not other than the head bogging, i have a very loyal and protective and loving dog, and if i had put him to sleep i would have miss all the fun days we have and i am glad he is still alive. we even had puppys that did not pick up any traits of distemper dont sleep them let them die on thier own 

  6. Ich könnte heulen der Arme Kleine Hund Warum macht ihr das.Der hat euch doch nichts Getan.Ich würde den auf der stelle Aufnehmen und Liebevoll Versorgen Der ist doch noch so Jung und Schenkt Liebe. Ich würde den Aufpeppeln und Pflegen Lieber Gott Las ihn einen Guten Menschen Finden so das es Ihn Gut geht er hat es doch Verdient Geliebt zu Werden

  7. Thanks for your good wishes. I'm in the U.S. My dog was estimated to be 8 when I rescued her and was in poor condition but very sweet. She is probably 12 now, holding on with lots of veterinarian and home care. She is a very affectionate dog and deserves good things in these senior years. :o)

  8. It is possible..but unlikely if you live in the UK , but rescue dogs are a 'mystery'- we had a rescue dog, a delightful Lurcher, and she was a mystery-a found wandering puppy, extremely thin and malnourished. We had her for twelve wonderful years- I hope your dog will have a long and happy life with you.

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