DIY How To Fix A Broken Laptop Charger

DIY How To Fix A Broken Laptop Charger

Easy fix for all laptop chargers (excluding Macs). Has your laptop stopped charging? If you are positive that the charger is at fault, you can simply re-wire the broken connector with this 5 minute fix. Laptop chargers are intentionally designed with a single point of failure, establishing a corrupt business model that is designed to put money in the pockets of big-name hardware manufacturers at the expense of you, the consumer.


  1. I have this problem with my moms laptop, her laptop over heat or something and the power cord stop working so I bought a new one only it was not the original charger cord but it worked. anway a few hours later the new power cord burnt! ­čÖü the laptop fried the power cord not sure why or what happen can you tell me how to fix this problem? or if maybe I need the original power cord.´╗┐

  2. If your battery is always fully charged but you still always use the adapter then sometimes the laptop will just simply stop running on the adapter and allow the battery to be drained for a while because its not good to always overcharge the battery.´╗┐

  3. Well, Idk if it's the inside of my laptop or its the charger but it won't work so pleasee someone show me how :(´╗┐

  4. If you hadn't discarded the original charger for the laptop you'd have noticed that it has a specific voltage and the polarity of the connector would also be noted on the label. What a complete amateur.´╗┐

  5. Oh I'm going to fix this charger without spending money with these exact parts that I conveniently have laying around the house. Seriously chargers are not expensive enough to be wasting time and risking existing explosions´╗┐

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