DIY how to make a bandeau top in 5min easy

DIY how to make a bandeau top in 5min easy store
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  1. This is the first video I watched since Meesha died. I purposely avoided her videos because I hate crying, but now I can handle it, she was such a beautiful woman and she taught me so much more than my teachers did in school. R.I.P. Meesha.

  2. Your laugher is what I hear everytime I think of you …then I go to watch your videos
    Thank you . RIP Meesha

  3. I love your energy and the fact that you always have a smile on your face please keep doing what you are doing! 

  4. I love your videos but I'm having trouble finding elastic. If you could say where you purchased yours that be great.

  5. Meesha, I love your channel, can you please show me and others how to make hi/shorts, my back side is a little biger and I want to wear shorts however I want more coverage on the back side. you can just do with this any long pants or old jeans. I hope that made sense. thank you!

  6. I love the fabric's that you sell! And for such a good price. Unfortunatly i live in the Netherlands and delivery costs are twice as much as the fabric price. But I Love m 🙂

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