DIY Wood Coasters Made from a Log: How to Make Drink Coasters

DIY Wood Coasters Made from a Log: How to Make Drink Coasters

Learn how to make wood coasters from a log. These homemade DIY drink coasters take an afternoon to make (plus whatever drying time the chosen finish requires). They are beautiful, functional and can be made from old tree trimmings.

Regardless of the chosen finish, note that the coasters’ end grain is very absorbent, so a few coats might be required to get a complete covering. Also, the finish requires an adequate time to dry before use.

In this case, a log cut from a branch of old Eastern Red Cedar (or Purple Heart Cedar) was used. But there are so many other choices. The main criterion is completely dry wood, otherwise the coasters might shrink and split.


  1. Came here as I cut a small tree in my back yard and the scent of it was so nice I used an electric chain saw and cut about 20 slices thinking of making coasters out of it as years ago I bought a set of them in the Kangaroo Valley (Austr. NSW) with each having a different origin and their names on it as well. Yes the chain sawing was a little rough, but still ok. Your video will be quite helpful. Thank you. I got no idea what my timber is but it had a very fragrant scent and a lovely bark texture that I'd like to preserve if I can…as for the scent, it's gone!

  2. Hi there, i m looking into starting a small work station like yours. Did you make that work bench the miter saw is on? if not where can I find one and what is it called if i were to seek one out?
    thank you much!

  3. Dear Adeldor DIY: I am trying to replicate your project but I am having an issue with the wood I am working with. I am finding that a few days after I have cut a slice of log, I am getting spit marks appearing and they are slowly getting bigger and travelling towards the centre of the wood piece. Any idea why this might be happening and what can be done to prevent it by any chance ? FYI I am living in Europe and I am using Olive and Pine tree trunks. I have experimented with both fresh cuts and aged wood and the same thing ends up happening…The log is fine but only up until I slice a piece does it begin to separate…- Cheers, Alex

  4. I cut some pepper tree limbs and they didnt fully split but a few of them did crack and warp into a curved shape (almost unnoticeable).
    I left them out overnight, do you think if I dried them RIGHT AWAY it would prevent this?

  5. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I figured it was a moisture problem as well. I'll try again with a log that has been left to dry out longer. Thanks again for the tips! 

  6. You are so right. Somewhat fitting too, given that the log was trimmed from a cedar tree near a house deep in a forest.

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