Easy Box Pleated Skirt Tutorial No Math Needed

Easy Box Pleated Skirt Tutorial   No Math Needed


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  1. Hi..thank you so much for this video. I have a quick question, did you iron the interfacing on the waist band? and for the waist band some how I seem to be off on calculation, I did waist + 2 inches but my band is still too long (I don't know what I'm doing wrong).

    Thanks again, once I'm finish in will tag you on IG (which I just followwed you).

  2. This is an excellent tutorial. Thank you! You are easy to follow and your voice is pleasant. I appreciate that you showed us closeups of different parts like the top stitching on the waistband at the zipper. I'll be looking for other tutorials by you.

  3. Sweetie you are the best that I have seen so far, you make everything so easy for me. Keep doing what you are doing. I would love to make this skirt with side pockets and a back zipper. Do you have a video for it?

  4. Around 7:06 in the video you say that the pleated measurement should match your waist plus 2 inches. How is that possible when making the pleat uses material? So if my waist is 32" and I add 2" then I'm going to mark up to 34", but when I'm finished pleating I do not have 34"…. Please help me understand what I'm doing wrong. I love love love your tutorials, you inspire me to begin to sew again.

  5. Thank you so much!!! I made my skirt with this method, it looks great and was easy to do. I had been staring at Pinterest box pleated skirts and loving the simple elegance of them. I made mine for $5 which is way better than $58 online.

  6. cool video I got stuck to at the end but I am going to try it for sure, my question is how much fabric do I need to purchase I am plus size 18/20  thanks

  7. I have watch your video and several other box pleat tutorials but I keep coming back to yours. You are AWESOME!! I was trying to figure out an easy formula for pleating (other than wrapping around the waist or measuring out periodically). It's just that I find myself re-pleating to make adjustments when I try changing the pleat width. Then my pleats are different sizes because of having to make the adjustments. Is there a formula that you can provide?

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