Editor’s Advice: How To Style Your Living Room Like A Designer

Editor's Advice: How To Style Your Living Room Like A Designer

H&H‘s Joel Bray and Jennifer Koper share expert living room styling tips. Discover their secrets to creating a standout space.

Joel and Jennifer start by decorating the non-functioning fireplace. By adding three mod vases and dressing up the mantel with brass candlesticks and a teal bowl for a pop of color, they’re able to create a gorgeous focal point in the middle of the room. Next, the design editors style the coffee table with contemporary pieces to play off its red lacquered insert. Watch how they experiment with art on walls that have moulding, and see how they bring life to the room with indoor plants. Plus, get their tips on how to brighten your space with layers of lighting.


  1. I can already paint every wall white. If I master the art of talking pseudo gibberish I could charge people money for my "designs" too.

  2. putting white art in the fireplace was a wasted opportunity for something more colorful, maybe if you painted one a hazel brown, another a kind of red color like the coffee table, then one a kind of blue like that bookcase type item in the corner I think it would look far better, too much white on white for my taste, and if you didn't want to take away from the mantel you could do muted colors, really any colors you want

  3. Nice. I would have added some white to the black sofa to make the room feel more balanced – the opposite sides are all white, so the black feels not broken up and a little heavy. Even just a double sheep skin throw in white or cream. Also maybe a dark piece of wood somewhere to add a natural element and ground all of the stark white.

  4. Great tips, but I'm always put off by all the decorative bits and pieces that have no purpose other than to gather dust and look pretty in juuuuust the right arrangement. I would love to see a video where you take the actual useful objects that most people have in their homes and arrange those in a stylish way. Things like how to make a bookcase (containing mostly actual books rather than vases and sculptures and who knows what else) look styled while still being functional, for instance.

    I know this channel, and the magazine, are 99% about product placement and selling your advertisers' products, but one or two videos with more practical tips wouldn't hurt ;)

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