“Eggbeater,” TIP OF THE WEEK

In this very first installment of TIP OF THE WEEK join two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Bradley Schumacher and three-time Olympian Wolf Wigo, as they break down for us the perfect eggbeater and explain why it is such a critical skill to perfect. Brad also demonstrates a wonderful exercise that he uses to assist in the development of a strong eggbeater. So be sure to tune in to this week’s, TIP OF THE WEEK!


  1. wow you guys are great. do you have more videos like that. if not please make more. the way you explained everything was easy to follow and understand

  2. I've been coaching for 7 years. Make sure your technique is correct, that is far more important than strength.
    This video might help. Good Luck!
    Water Polo 101: Eggbeater and Treading Water

  3. I'm 37 I wish I could just swim I've tried for years and years to learn and can't! I just sink no matter what kick or stroke I do! Maybe I'm just not physically able to swim….

  4. I play water polo with mates on summer days, however, I still don't get it how the hell can water polo players pull their body out of the water up to their bellies when they shoot the ball and goalkeepers as well.. they can stay out of the water up to their bellies up to 15 seconds, I'd really would like to know how they do that, it's getting frustrating already, I think I got the hang of the egg beater, but I can pull my self out of the water maybe up to my chest, any advice?

  5. myseti, have you ever considered starting your own club team? It's really not very difficult and we can help you through the process!

  6. I can't tread water to save my life…but I found these tips really useful! each step pushes me towards the right direction 🙂 Thanks!

  7. great tips guys! way to keep up the interest in the sport and share the fundamentals. I miss playing so bad. Trying to find a men's league to get back in the pool again.

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