Enzymes – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

Enzymes - Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

Leroy Colbert is the first man to develop 21 inch arms and is in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame for doing so. He has over 60 years in the business of health and building bodies. He is very knowledgeable in health and the philosophies of life. He loves to discuss both with people who want to learn. If you have a question, email him at his website. http://leroycolbert.com/

Leroy teaches you the best exercises and the do’s and dont’s to help you maximize your bodybuiding gains.

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  1. Don't know where to get good ones here, according to Leroy there are a lot of essential things to take for bodybuilding and i don't think my wallet can handle all of them on a daily basis.

  2. twin lab best enzyme fucking ever . you should also buy a cheap enzyme because twin labs enzymes are a lil more expensive you get 200 but your going to take like maybe 5 a day

  3. Man the commercial milk that's out is extremely garbage and stripped of 80% of its nutrients. Go raw or go home lol.

  4. lol soy is dead lmao. i dont understand but i have took a nutrition class for 3 years know lol you see your the type of person that hates being wrong so you run away lol

  5. you can buy raw milk lol . you can get it from a big name brand store like stater bro. i get my milk from a organic store from a farm to in a glass container i also drink 2% it dont make that big of a difference. i do drink it 24/7

  6. in addition you said in your first post your drink raw milk 24/7 but obviously you aren't because if you were you would understand what exactly raw milk is. you obviously drinking pasteurized processed store milk. i get my milk from a farm. whos the dumbshit now

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