Expert Ski Lessons #7.1 – Body Position Short Turns

Expert Ski Lessons #7.1 - Body Position Short Turns
Body position is an essential element of all skiing, get it right and it will make a big difference to the performance of your turns. In this ski lesson instructor Darren Turner looks at getting your body facing down the hill in short turns.

In this ski lesson series we are looking at building on your advanced skiing technique and helping make you an Expert all mountain skier.

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Remember that these how to ski videos are not a replacement for on-slope instruction with a qualified ski instructor, and should only viewed as a supplement.

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  1. your're talking about body position, and say to practice where your arms go and what they should feel like, and when you don't have poles you look great, but when you do have poles, you drag them, and it looks awful and very amateur like.

  2. You're not a bad skier, but you still ski like an Englishman. Look up Andreas Spettel or other Austrians on youtube; that's how I want to ski! Every turn they make is beautiful.

  3. Wonderful instruction on a easy to follow format. When you release the Expert app for Android, I will be purchasing! Thank you!

  4. Could you please share if your skiing an allmountain ski here? In any case, would an allmountain ski give you the same turns as with a race carver?

  5. your videos are awesome. you are teaching me a lot. i am a beginner so i am not ready for this but i commented on this vid so you can see it. I am 10 years old. Plz reply. cant wait to get back into winter season.

  6. I properly skiied last time when i was a toddler and now i am learning with my mind once again,thanks for the great videos.

  7. You have the best videos about Ski instructions – no doubt; clear and simple to understand. I only have one request. The difference in technique between (medium/long) turns and short turns. Keeping the body always directed downhill for short turns. Isn't this a general rule for all kind of turns (long/medium/short)? Whats really is the difference in technique between (medium/long) vs short turns.

  8. During the transition from turn to turn you always flatten and retract. Isn't this a valid statement for short as well as log radius turns ? 

  9. Excellent job. Set 8 might just tune up my skills even though I haven't worked out how to spend as much time on the slopes as you (yes, I'm jealous). This will help me teach my family and friends and keep them from telling me to shut up! Thanks. Now it's time for me to get the App!

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